A Journey to Overcome Weakness

My name is Melina and I just want to lift heavy stuff and eat cookies.

September 25, 2012 at 8:24pm

Active recovery?

I’ve been resting three days a week for about a month now to see how I feel. It’s been working really well. I haven’t felt run down much and I’m seeing a lot more progress on my lifts. 

So today was a scheduled rest day, but my gym teacher doesn’t know that. Even if he did it wouldn’t really matter. So I ran a little bit this morning.

800 m jog

100 m sprint (16 sec)

walk 100 m

200 m sprint (36 sec)

200 m walk

300 m sprint (61 sec)

300 m walk

400 m sprint (2 minutes flat)

walk to locker room

So that was fun. I was the first girl to finish the 100, 200 and 300. It felt good to stretch my legs and it woke me up.


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